The harmful effects of watching pornography.

June 6, 2008

Watching pornography can lead to serious addiction. It will start out as curiosity and ended up addicted to it. Let’s talk about the effects of it. The harmful effects/stages of watching pornography are:

1. Addicted to pornography

When addicted to pornography, the person will find every possible way to look at it again. Example, the person might watch pornography, when he/she has a chance, like when no one is at home, or the person is in a room alone. Even though some might deny that watching porn is just a one time thing and they might not look at it again, but it usually end up mostly those who watch porn for the first time, they will look at it again due to curiosity or boredom.

2. Tiredness

Yes, tiredness because most people who watch porn will tend to masturbate to the porn video as they can’t help it, this is due to lack of self-control of oneself. This is because they would like to know how it feels being like the one in the pornography act. After masturbating, the person will feel fatigue or just tired. This point will lead to stress and bad moods, below, the third point.

3. Stress and Bad Moods

When they are tired they will become moody and some might just regret for watching it but some just don’t understand why they keep turning to watching pornography when they have nothing to do. This will lead to stress on oneself as they just don’t understand themselves.

Sometimes slight temper tantrums can be seen from the person as they might not be able to access to pornography, tired after masturbation or they regret for watching it as said above. Human beings are human beings, baby cry when they are tired, and adults show tantrums when things don’t go their way. That’s human nature.

4. Bad relationship with close ones

Somehow, this point, is related to the third one because, when tantrums and bad moods are shown by the person who watches pornography, people who are close to this person, such as family and friends, will notice some change in behavior and the way the person speaks.

For instance, what if a family member or a friend finds out that you are watching pornography? They will definitely feel different about you and thinks that you are a pervert and dirty minded. Watching pornography also can break family apart. The wife will think badly of her husband if her husband watches pornography and thinks that she does not do enough to satisfy her husband needs.

The people who are addicted to pornography also tend to talk about pornography related topics and sharing new sources from time to time as they could not help it. Some people who are listening to this porn-related topic might not like it and might just avoid the person who talks about this pornography topic. The person might be good in studies or employee of the month but once others gets to know that this person has a dirty mind; it will bring this person status down and might be avoided by others.

5. Perverted minds

Those who watch porn will think different of the opposite sex which is not how life is suppose to be. As life is suppose to be about respecting the other sex and not see them in a different way or like a toy to play with. When one find the other sex attractive, they will look or even stare at them to satisfy their feelings. And if staring is not enough, they will think of how will this attractive person be in a pornography act that they have seen before.

6. Involving in sex

This I feel is the extreme stage because this is where the person does not have self-control of himself/herself and decided to have a go on sex. The age for having first time sex is around 14-16 and that is pretty low. This I can conclude due to the exposure of pornography and attempting it at a young age where most of them regret after that.

All these harmful effects above may not happen to all those who watch pornography as it depends on one self-control and thinking about pornography. If one thinks that pornography is dirty but is addicted to it, the person will likely be able to control himself/herself for doing the extreme of having sex for satisfaction.

In my opinion, those who turn to porn for the first time will eventually turn to it again. This is a fact because almost 90 percent of the friends I know watch porn. Some admit being addicted to it while some don’t. Some think it is normal because they thought it is part of growing. What about their future? Will their adulthood still be part of growing? What will others think of them? What will their children think of them? To me, a strong person is a person who has control of himself/herself.

I have written about this because I have experienced some of these effects and know those who have gone to the extreme. Sorry if I have written anything wrong or offensive and correct me if I am wrong. If you would like to add any points to the harmful effects of watching pornography or would like to share your experience or writings about what pornography have done to you, please e-mail me at Thanks for reading and stay positive.

89 Responses to “The harmful effects of watching pornography.”

  1. seenoevilonline Says:

    Thank you for sharing

    • joey Says:

      Id have to agree that it depicts woman in a fairly disrectfull way, not that im a femanist or anything but watching to much porn makes you look at woman like “yeah shed be a good fuck” instead of actually taking into consideration the person that exists underneath

    • John Says:

      Porn is really evil. Don’t let these “forward-thinking” and “modern” people and sites fool you into thinking that porn is a way you can please yourself. Think about it, when someone watches porn, he/she is seeing people use their most precious body part as if it was their arm or leg. Sex is not something you view, it’s something you do with a lot of thought and love. Sorry, this is not meant for one individual but really the whole youth population.

      I’ve been watching porn steadily (3-4 times a week) for the past 5 years and I tell you, it is the dumbest thing I’ve done in my life. I can’t even look at bare skin the same way again. I can’t stop staring at a girl with short skirts, low-cut shirts, or even make-up on. It sickens me that I am at this stage. I’ve quit for weeks at times and I tell you, even the effect of not seeing it has a really positive effect on your social, physical and moral life. I as a person feel a lot better as a whole when I don’t watch porn.

      thank you and thank you again, destroyporn, for reminding me of the fact that porn is evil. It’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. I must now go through the process of re-building my will, my self-control, and most of all my pleasure. I have to tell myself I don’t need to feel pleasure in this way everyday – life doesn’t stop if I don’t feel pleasure.

  2. Evans Says:

    Its good if u pray 4 porn addicts and me. prayers does everyhing

  3. Jason Says:

    I’m glad that somebody is willing to publish something on the internet against porn. I hate porn and wish that it would totally vanish from the face of the earth

  4. Ken Says:

    Thank u posting this . I really think pornography destroys a persons character and his emotions . He looses his self esteem and begins to think very low of himself .

  5. George Says:

    Yes,there are harmful effects because i have experienced and the most of all is that of breaking your relationship with your God if you’are a religous person.It is painful to loose hope because of watching porns.

  6. Jay Says:

    This is a very biased post.

    • What are you taking abiut Says:

      Ok well what did thay say that was biased? Don’t get me wrong you can think whatever you want to. I’m just wondering…

  7. cliff Says:

    thank you. i really appreciate this. i too is a porn addict and i want to stop it so thank you.

  8. latfah Says:

    I can’t thank you enough .Great work.You are helping people whose spouses are addicted to pron.This thing is distroing families.
    Thank you ,thank you, thank you

    • James Says:

      Man, just keep your mouth shut. Just because a guy is against porn doesn’t make them any less of a man. Their is a thing called being a gentleman. It is part of our nature to be sexual but to exploid sex like that is just wrong, it should only be between a man and woman’s relationship

  9. pavan Says:

    thankyou for shareing .I was addicted to porn .but now ill try my level best to control my feelings

  10. leon Says:

    Thank you very much for these information,
    Actuly i can also raise another view which is that all religions being christians or moslems agree that wachting porn is a evil act
    Am a Seventh day Adventist and we believe that porn is totaly devilish.
    I was also addicted to it but am getting better and turning to God
    Thank you

  11. Langa Says:

    Thank u very much for a wonderful inspiration to the public.Major problem that is familiar with porn addicts it’s hiding the fact that they are affected by this decease.No candid problem can be solved b.cos it is not known by the helper.This helpfull website will only be examined by people who are ohnest about themselves.

    Thanks a lot once more.

  12. Langa Says:

    Thank u very much for a wonderful inspiration to the public.Major problem that is familiar with porn addicts it’s hiding the fact that they are affected by this decease.No candid problem can be solved it is not known by the helper.This helpfull website will only be examined by people who are ohnest about themselves.

    Thanks a lot once more.

  13. Koome Says:

    Thanx 4 comin out strong against porn. I feel so low about myself after i watch porn bt 2 or 3 days later am back at it again. God help me to stop. It’s evil n God hates it.

  14. shreyas Says:

    thanks but i am already addicts to it but on the other hand i am tring to control it. i need help from god in think so! from today i conclude that i take a vow that i will not watch any more pron.this is my final disesion

  15. logan Says:

    One correction i would like to make is the common misconception about will power. While will power comes into play maybe for short term. After an addiction has manisfested itself in the brain, it is this part of the brain that gets activated and the frontal lobes pretty much shut down, the longer one “uses” the less control we have. We go into autopilot and don’t know what we are doing.

    This is not an excuse. its a reason, check out candeo program for more info. it’s a cool site with lots of info.

  16. Saleh Says:

    Thenx alot, I was one among those who were addicted of watching pornography but since I read your text I became one among who hate it. And I’ll stay against until I die. I wish God will help me. Aamin!

  17. anti - xxx Says:

    check this out… here R some info and answers that were discussed at an Oprah show.

  18. aaron mhondoro Says:

    Destroy pornography for the good of mankind!!! Women are treated as objects in the porno movies who suppose to subject to the manipulation and power of the man acting in the porno movies. This is evil at its highest level. God help and protect your children from this mess.

  19. People in Zimabwe Says:

    Porno actors,its producers and distributors are the agents of SATAN. They are out there to corrupt the minds of righteous and clean minded children of God.
    Hell is awaiting for them.

  20. Yng_man Says:

    In my opinion i think watching porn will lead to musterbating.And it cause harm in many ways.Milionz of sperms are lost

  21. samt Says:

    porn is one hell of a stupid thing if i see any of those who act it i would PUNCH them in the NOSE. because they are FOOLISH by Gods grace God protect your and my children against watching porn and also acting it.

  22. degun Says:

    porn is just a act and a business. It doesnt deplict real sex and it damages young peoples mind who start to feel that every women is a sex toy.

  23. mr adam Says:

    dear friend…tonight i found out that there is at least some one who can share the same exprience to the world…i used to watch porn…i lost everything, i end up in a bad mood as u mention earlier…the easiest way to TERMINATE IS just stop watching it./…

    if you dont watch a porn for a 40days…u will not watched again for ever ever and ever…try to not watch it for only 40days…

    • george Says:

      not bro!you can stop watching for that 40 days but when you find yourself in a group of watchers or some situation that tempts to watch,it takes little resistance b4 you watch again.if you av not watched,dont try to and keep your little ones away from ths contamination.thanks

  24. khan Says:

    i really appreciate you for your this increases the lust of the person like fire until it becomes very hard to extinguish…so today make an oath to completely forbid it and stop polluting the minds.may ALLAH almighty help us to get rid of it[INSHALLAH]

  25. narka Says:

    I really appreciate for your efforts of helping people getting out of such problems, i just ma self advise all viewers;STOP BEFORE GETTING HEART DESEASE. cure your self by stopin before is too late for you. thanx everybody.

  26. DAVID Says:

    This is quite educative — I personally do not watch pornography, but I have been monitoring some boys. Wherever they meet with a computer, and of course internet, they can only watch it. They are 25yrs — so not boys

  27. Umar Says:

    This post is not only educative but deals with a burning issue very well

  28. brian Says:

    i also one’s a porn watcher but i stopped!it just started as curiosity but now i hate it!!!!!!

  29. venkat Says:

    good advice!!!
    but people must follow and banish pornography from the world!!!!

  30. Fellow Says:

    Addiction- people can be addicted to all sorts of things. for you, addiction can apply to sports,internet, tv, food, arguments, shopping, anything really. should we ban all that too?

    Tiredness- are you serious? walking across a shopping mall, or through a city section is tiring, should I not be doing that? actually, that’d be the perfect excuse for anything.”sorry, can’t do that, it might make me tired, can’t have that happen now”

    Bad Relationships- actually, sex therapists recommend for some couples to watch pornography if they are having trouble in their relationships.

    Perverted minds- After watching Harry Potter, did you think wizards and dragons actually exist. after watching Mission Impossible, did you think the events portrayed in the film actually happened. people, even children can discern between fantasy and reality.

    everything in your argument, even your conclusion, is based on mere assumption. You have absolutely no evidence to substantiate it.

    • the guy next to you Says:

      1) porn addiction is worse than all of those because with it comes a sense of guilt. If you haven’t felt that twang of guilt when you watched porn, then I feel sorry for you.

      2) With porn often comes masturbation. Masturbation is simulating sex and the whole process is like an exercise. Some studies claim a sex session can burn more calories than swimming for the same amount of time. Masturbation is less intensive, but it leaves you with less energy than before. The point is, walking across a shopping mall and through a city section can be necessary. In no way is masturbation necessary for your life. Porn itself absorbs your mind and makes your brain release “love” chemicals that cause lust. It’s like adrenaline.

      3) Relationships aren’t all about sex. What he’s saying is that porn can lead to bad relationships.

      4) Dragons and wizards are different than vaginas. When your mind is perverted with porn, it’s hard to look at people without thinking of their sexual parts and perhaps, what they do with them. Of course everybody’s smart enough to discern what is real from what is not. But unlike dragons and wizards and exploding cars, sexual parts do exist in people and you see people every day of your life. The fact that sex is necessary for life means the fantasy can become your reality if you choose so.

      No evidence is required to say what is the truth.

    • Rolfen Says:

      Thank you.
      Just have one thing to add regarding the bit about “bad relationships”. Some people – when they find their partners watching porn – go on a humiliation crusade. Then when their relationship deteriorates, of course, it’s porn’s fault – and that weak animal beast sinner partner of theirs who’s mind is infected by a filthy and stinky illness. How nice and romantic… more, please!

  31. Flame Says:

    Porn is a slow meticcolous cancer, that ultimately shatters your life. the key is paryer, faster and commitment to hate it. dont accept it, fight it, every day , every moment. Thats what i am doing .Thank

  32. kely Says:

    porn is just sick! “…uuumm mum??? i pray for those poor people in dads comp to find clothes…” imagine such an instance.. thanks for the great impact..self control is true courage

  33. Jerome Says:

    yeah i definitely agree with you.. Porn can kill us not just emotionally but spiritually also for it was a Sin who just causes shame, guilt, and regrets as our conscience speaks..

  34. sundayfocus Says:

    I think porn addiction is a horrible thing to go through, like any addiction. But I don’t think porn is necessarily an “evil” thing. It can be enjoyed in moderation, without destroying ones soul. And by people who are old enough to understand how to enjoy it safely.

    Sex is natural, sex is generally something people like, and as human beings we are actually wired to WANT sex. Heck, the human race NEEDS sex.

    Porn is often used as a substitute, or as a way to enhance sex. I’m guessing this is nothing new… before TV/PC porn there were sexy books, pictures, and farther back, even sex “slaves”.
    Obviously sex slaves are not a good thing. I’m just saying that Humans are going to have this stuff available in one form or another. It’s all about creating porn that doesn’t hurt people, and can be used in moderation.

    I know its much more complex than that, but that’s my two cents.

  35. Sean Says:

    I smoke weed, then watch porn so its okay, I don’t get addicted 🙂

  36. Samuel Says:

    For me,i think watching porn is not a sin,but morally its wrong.i’d watch it but not addicted to,all the same i’ll try to stop it.thank for ur concern.

  37. raza Says:

    Its nice to see resistance against porn. We all should increase efforts to protect us and our future generations from this evil.

  38. raza Says:

    Stop Porn

  39. Duke Says:

    porn has really eaten deep in the younger generation and it serves alot of ego for some of the addicts…but with a page like this alot of people will be salvaged. thanks man

  40. Rolf dergham Says:

    You are wrong about a lot if things in your post. For example if I knew that someone watched porn, even gay or perverted porn, it does not change at all my perception of him. Also porn is something voluntary, I disagree with it being an addiction. And the other points you make lack proof.

  41. ALBA Says:


  42. Danny B Says:

    This is very true! Thanx so much 4 the post. Av now understood why things are the way they are around me.I started to change (for worse) and i cld not figure out why. But now I understand tht its coz of porn. This thing is a silent killer. From 2da, no more porn for me. ray 4 me 2. I know this decision aint gona b easy to fulfill!

  43. R SRIDHARAN Says:

    destroy porn. it is evil.

  44. dr.D4U Says:

    hey you guys,all of you are simply focusing on its opposite side,but non of you describes how advantageous can be.
    porn without masturbating is the best way of reducing stress,increases body relaxation and allow euphoria level to increase and sometimes even pain reducers,and seems more effectively than alcohols and cocaine kinds of drugs,medically is explained by its effect of the endorphin release in the brain
    so the better way is if you avoid yourself from masturbating,then porn can be helpful for improving your life happynes

  45. thanx for the site. Says:

    Porn is evil for sure.

  46. lnkkszz Says:

    Good advices!! I just ever watched porn once because of curiosity..and I tend to watch it over again..fortunately,,I’d consider long and decided to find the effect of watching it.came accross this article and.. Woww!! Thank you so muchh.. It’s a very big relief.if only I’d watch the porn for the second,maybe my life will be ruined..I got it noww.concisely,pornography is a very harmful thing. And useless!!very disgraceful.. Really thanks

  47. Miguel Says:

    I will agree to almost everything said in this article her. I’ve been a porn addict for 3 years and I’m truly tired of it. I can’t even look at my girlfriend without feeling so guilty. It makes relationships really hard, it messes with your head. I’ve blocked porn sites on my computer, it really helps. If your thinking about looking at porn, I tell you, you don’t need it. Don’t let it ruin you, or your future relationships.

  48. RICHMOND Says:


  49. Alphao5 Says:

    First none of what you are saying is fact, you have no medical proof! there is not a single medical reference to porn being bad. the only thing I can say is that I have searched on-line for any medical document that could conclude a scientific fact about the harm of porn and guess what all I come across is site after site of people like this, its called opinion! Guess what I think BOGGING is harmful, I have found a proven fact that its addictive! so should I really preach to everyone saying that we need to ban bogging cause of my opinion (BTW I don’t want porn but this is a joke!) hamburgers are bad for you, but guess what people like them so they exzist

  50. maggi199050 Says:

    does masturbation lead to graying of hairs.

  51. Lt Says:

    Thanks for the post. I was wondering what was happening to me, and I couldn’t explain it. But now I know why, I think. At least I know one part of the the problem: pornography. Pray for me!

  52. good guy Says:

    hats off to the writer

  53. Word of Truth Says:

    pornography degrade human esteem because it exposes the private part of humans and makes it no private cause its all over the internet.It can cause disrespect because a porn addict cast lustful gaze on any person .Porn is a disease that has afflicted our generation and very difficult to cure .I pray that all who are exposed to porns including myself and wish to stop it May The Almighty God give them the strength to stop it

    • Anonymous Says:

      The human body is a work of art. Just because our society deems it bad for someone to show their body, it doesn’t have to be for sexual satisfaction, doesn’t mean it is wrong. There are thousands of paintings, sculptures, and other art that displays the human body.

  54. I must agree that porn destroys what is truly REAL…and men don’t give a crap; they would still rather live in the screwed up fantasy world of porn; when they can have the REAL pleasure in this life; it’s really quite disappointing…

  55. george Says:

    good friend.thats what we call people out that hell.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    I think the idea that pornography is the reason for people looking at the opposite for their sexual satisfaction isn’t completely true. Our society today has made such things a normal thing almost. In everday media it talks about such things as if they were normal. Of course pornography could be contributing to that, but claiming that it is the only problem or even the main reason is slightly being ignorant to the other factors.

  57. ajay Says:



    • jo Says:

      I wouldn’t say porn is completely evil and dangerous for everyone. It can be detrimental if it is allowed to be viewed by under age viewers. For mature audiences who are single or those in a relationship, it can be a safer way to occasionally explore their sexuality or sexual fantasies. this is to say that, If the use of porn becomes a compulsion, and begins to take president over real life situations i.e. preferring to watch porn than be with their partner, spending many hours per day watching it, or wasting a lot of money on it, it is time to stop watching it. Furthermore, to see women or men as sexual objects is perfectly normal but when you try and act upon these feelings and the act is non-consensual, then it can be a dangerous thing.

  58. willie Says:

    i thank all who are willing to wright about this subject just being able to hear the harmfl effects of others has been good for me … i also would like to add that watching porn destroys your perception of women, theres a saying and it stands true today that 2 things cant occupy a space at the same time like wise you cant see the value of the women and watch porn …the most powerful thing in the universe is a made up mind and if you make your mind up about the value of something and go against it , it can produce insanity

  59. lodie Says:

    lam 16 and l thank u so much u have saved me

  60. rajib Says:

    It ruining our teenagers atleast we should stop porns to getting in their hands.

  61. Destroy Porn Says:

    This is a very greate piece of article. I have really enjoyed it and it will help me personally. Thanks in advance.

  62. Black micheal Says:

    Tanxs 4 lettin peepo knw d need 2 avoid such erotic personality…indeed, religiously its also a sin… so tanks 4 lettin us knw

  63. faraja Says:

    my friends,in short I can say that God is merciful thats why he doesnt punish porn watchers , PORN ACTERS AND VIEWERS ARE THE CHILDREN OF SATAN, please please please stop it

  64. Is there a doctrine in the bible that against porn and masturbation? Please help me find it because I truly confuse to those porn lovers and porn haters. This article is fully bias. I want truth from God’s words. I am an INC member. Thanks to those willing to help me.

    • faraja Says:

      first, God says anything that is accepted by a group of people has already accepted by almighty God provided that it is socially good. And also God says we are the temple of the holy spirit. My friend despite the bible doesnt say directly but always i have seen people say that they feel guilty after watching porn. So i can say that pornography is not Godly thing so be care my friend..!

  65. Jefferson Orito Says:

    I stumbled upon this blog because i am looking for answers. Im gay. And my boyfriend is addicted to porn. Im sad because instead of having an intimate moment with me, he prefers to masturbate on his own without my knowledge. I caught him once or twice yet he only denied the act. Before, we had sex almost twice or thrice a week. But now, we do it once every two weeks. I feel so inadequate. I feel im helpless. I love him. But his addiction to porn affects our sex life which is vital to me as i believe that making love is the ultimate expression of love. Please help… I already mentioned this issue to him before. But he just cant stop.

    • faraja Says:

      please my friend, i beg you can you try to stop that bussness of being a gay?, can you try to follow a natural process that almighty God created of marriage between man and a woman?. Apart from addiction of your friend to porn, both of you, your commiting sin before the LOrd. Please this world is nothing and things are passing think about your everlasting life. And God says our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit so we have to make sure not to sin within our bodies, So being a gay and watchig porn are not good plus lesbianism. All these are not accepted socially and before God.So my friend I pray to you in the name of Jesus not to be a gay, and follow Jesus christ as the way of truth and everlasting life, AMEN

      • jo Says:

        telling someone to stop being a gay or be straight is like telling a straight person please be a gay person. you cannot change a person’s sexuality. God only wants people to be happy with themselves and not hurt anyone else in the process.

  66. pete Says:

    I think that the worst part of being addicted to porn is when it becomes boring and you start to go out looking for real sex. I mean, think about it. Out of curiosity to explore your sexuality, you may be compelled to go looking for hookers at brothels. When it reaches to that point the worst part is that there is the risk of being infected with STIs or even worse HIV. And when you become seriously sick because of being infected with AIDS, you burden your family to take care of you. So the negative effects of watching port are pretty serious and this is something that should not be taken lightly.

  67. Harshul Aggarwal Says:

    YEH this pink graph is a kind of addiction which is increasing in youngster day by day and as this culture have come foreign and we accept it and they had make it a business and due to this people forget their own culture and should be banned on these websites because child can take anybody else phone and could access in it or from phone of his personal so these websites should be banned

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